Lumber News » Atlanta Lumber and Building Materials for Construction, Renovation and Remodeling projects in the Atlanta area

Atlanta Lumber and Building Materials for Construction, Renovation and Remodeling projects in the Atlanta area

Cofer/Adams has a variety of lumber and building materials such as plywood, siding, doors, cedar lumber, mouldings, and windows for construction, renovation and remodeling projects in the Atlanta area.

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Do you have a Blue Tarp account, and are looking to buy doors, windows, moulding, lumber, siding or roofing in the Atlanta area? Cofer/Adams now accepts Blue Tarp for all purchases. Blue Tarp offers a full-service commercial credit program to the building materials and hardlines industries.
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Southern Yellow Pine Lumber

Treated Lumber

Strong and long lasting, Pressure Treated Southern Yellow Pine Lumber is the building material of choice for deck structures. Southern Yellow Pine Lumber can be purchased relatively inexpensively compared to other types of wood.

Lumber Atlanta Pressure Treated Pine Deck Boards Buford Covington Cumming Decatur Duluth Lilburn Loganville Monroe Norcross Snellville

Untreated Lumber

Southern Yellow Pine Lumber is the best choice for many applications, such as framing lumber in the Atlanta – Athens GA Area. Untreated Southern Yellow Pine Lumber is used primarily for joists and headers.

Cedar Lumber

is an excellent choice for Atlanta area projects. Cedar lumber has long been the primary choice for making things that last. Ancient Egyptians used cedar for boats, and lumber thousands of years old can still be seen today in museums. American Indians on the Pacific Northwest coast fashioned large canoes, called “dugouts” and totem poles from huge cedar trunks. Many historic homes still have their original cedar siding, some have the same siding that has lasted hundreds of years! The trees are coniferous, so it is considered a softwood. The “leaves” are small over-lapping “scales” that release a strong aroma when they are crushed. It has small flowers that are yellowish in color, and are very difficult to see without close inspection. The cones are also very small, only about 1/4” x 5/8”. It only grows in a limited range around the Rocky Mountains, from northwest California to the Sumner Strait in Alaska and east to Montana and Idaho. These majestic trees can live to be over 400 years old, and grow as high as 200′ with circumferences as great as 20′.

Outdoor Lumber Projects

Cedar just makes sense for most outdoor uses, since it is naturally beautiful, easily workable, resistant to rot and insect infestation and very stable. Western Red Cedar (Thuja plicata) tends to be over twice as stable as most other types of commercially available softwood lumber. It stays straight and it lays flat. There are over 100 species of cedar in the Cupressaceae family, clearly Western Red Cedar is the best choice for outdoor living structures.

Here in the Atlanta-Athens Georgia area Western Red Cedar is the first choice for outdoor structures, such as decks, gazebos and pergolas. Although it costs more than many other types of lumber, such as pressure treated yellow pine, the beauty, workability and long-lasting nature of this wood make it much more desirable. When you are cutting or machining this nicely textured wood, you will find that it is one of the very best “softwoods”. It is fairly light weight, seasoned cedar has a specific gravity of about 0.38. Don’t let its softness and light weight fool you. Cedar is remarkably strong and durable for its weight, and it can take a lot of punishment. Cedar graded #1 has a Modulus of Elasticity (E) 1000000 psi, Bending Strength (Fb) 917.12 psi, Bearing Strength (Fcp) 425 psi and Shear Strength (Fv) 155 psi. Under these design values, a #1 2×10 can span 14’ with a live load of 40 pounds and dead load of 10 pounds. The grain is typically straight and even, and it has excellent insulating properties. Woodworkers prefer it because it cuts and machines far better than most other lumber. Since cedar has a low resinous content, glues tend to hold better. Slow growing “old growth” cedar has “tight” growth rings. In softwoods, the closer the growth rings are, the stronger the lumber tends to be. When trees grow more quickly, the growth rings are farther apart.

Cedar Siding Lumber

Western Red Cedar is widely used as a horizontal siding on the exterior of homes. Beveled lap siding is the most common siding seen in residential structures. It is also available in many different machined patterns, and can be used vertically, horizontally, or angled for different effects. There are many patterned boards, such as “channel rustic”, that can be used as a siding, paneling or ceiling. Cedar is also used for board and batten siding, and there are different 4′ x 8′ textured plywood sheets available as well. Cedar shingles and shakes add a look of distinction when used as roofing or on gables.

Dimensional Cedar Lumber

Dimensional cedar lumber is widely available in thicknesses and widths from nominal 2″ (actual 1-1/2″) to nominal 12″ (actual 11-1/4″) in 2″ increments. We stock dimensional cedar in the following sizes:
2×2 Smooth Cedar Lumber
2×4 Rough and Smooth Cedar Lumber
2×6 Rough and Smooth Cedar Lumber
2×8 Rough and Smooth Cedar Lumber
2×10 Smooth Cedar Lumber
2×12 Smooth Cedar Lumber
4X4 Smooth Cedar Timbers

Our cedar boards are smooth on three sides, and rough one side and are available in standard sizes of 1×2 (3/4″x1-1/2″), 1×4 (3/4″x3-1/2″), 1×6 (3/4″x5-1/2″), 1×8 (3/4″x7-1/4″), 1×10 (3/4″x9-1/4″), and 1×12 (3/4″x11-1/4″). Many people like the warm, rustic look cedar adds to rooms when used as casing and other interior trim. False beams and columns can be constructed to conceal steel or less attractive wood posts and beams, and many homes have 4×12 cedar fireplace mantels.

In the garden, the first choice of wood for organic raised beds is definitely Western Red Cedar, since it is naturally resistant to decay, moisture, and insect damage. Since no chemicals are added it is extremely attractive for beds where edibles such as vegetables and fruits will be grown. Cedar frames can be constructed above beds, allowing for vertical growth where vining plants like tomatoes and cucumbers require plenty of space.

Cedar lumber can also be used to build fences, planter boxes, bird houses and feeders. It is easy to cut, drill, and shape. Freshly cut cedar lumber has a pleasant aroma.

Structures made from Western Red Cedar can last for 30 years or more when properly installed, finished and cared for. This clearly makes it the number one softwood lumber choice where durability, beauty and long product life are important. Visit the Western Red Cedar Lumber Association WRCLA website to learn more about this beautiful and versatile lumber.


Marine Plywood

Our Marine Grade Fir Plywood has an ‘A’ Grade veneer face, a ‘B’ Grade veneer back, and ‘B’ grade veneers for the interior plys, with no core voids. The glue is a special marine glue specifically for exterior use. This plywood is used for its strength and durability, and is suitable for many applications, such as boat building and repair. It has not been pressure treated, and all sides must be sealed when it is exposed to the weather or excessive moisture.
AB Fir Marine Plywood Lawrenceville Atlanta Athens GA
We are currently stocking the following sizes of Fir ‘AB’ Marine Plywood:
1/4″x4x8 Marine Plywood
1/2″x4x8 Marine Plywood
5/8″x4x8 Marine Plywood
3/4″x4x8 Marine Plywood

Pressure Treated Plywood

Pressure treated plywood is resistant to insects and decay, and is usually the best choice for applications where rot resistance is important due to weather and moisture exposure.
1/2″x4x8 Pressure Treated Plywood
3/4″x4x8 Pressure Treated Plywood

BBOES Concrete Form Plywood

These panels have excellent stiffness characteristics, minimizing flexing during concrete pouring. 23/32″ (3/4 nominal thickness) x 4′ x 8′ BBOES Plyform Concrete Form is widely used in the Atlanta area for various applications, such as walls, decks and columns. The face and back veneers are “B” grade, and the inner plies are cross-banded “C” grade veneers. The edges have been sealed and the face and back veneers have been pre-oiled to reduce moisture absorption and sticking during the concrete curing process.
3/4" BBOES Plyform Plywood Concrete Form for Atlanta

Fire Retardant Plywood

Fire Retardant Plywood is also referred to as ‘Flame Retardant Plywood’ and as ‘Fire Treated Plywood. It is available in both natural color (Pyro-Guard), or reddish-pink (FlameFreez®).
1/2″x4x8 Flame Retardant Plywood
3/4″x4x8 Flame Retardant Plywood

Plywood Siding

12" t1-11 siding rb&b
5/8″ x 4’x8′ Reverse Board & Batten Plywood Siding
This siding has a rough textured face, with 1″ ‘batten’ grooves spaced 12″ on center.

t1-11 plywood siding atlanta athens mcdonough conyers covington
5/8″ x 4’x8′ T1-11 Plywood Siding
T1-11 (Texture 1-11) plywood Siding is available in 4′ x 8′ sheets with grooves 4″ OR 8″ on center.


Do you have siding that needs to be replaced? Check out our selection of fiber cement, hardboard and real wood sidings!

Fiber Cement Siding

Nichiha fiber cement siding

Nichiha Siding

Nichiha Fiber Cement products are available in Textured Lap Siding, Smooth Lap Siding, 4’x8′ Panels and Fiber Cement Shakes for the Atlanta Athens Georgia area.

James Hardi Siding

We stock 8-1/4″ Hardi Sidings in smooth and textured 12′ pieces, with and without a bead at the bottom.

Hardboard & Composite Siding

Hardboard lap siding
We keep a variety of hardboard sidings in stock to replace old Masonite types of Lap Siding. We stock a broad range of products that can be used to replace most patterns of hardboard sidings. LP SmartSide is available in Double 5″ and Triple 4″ textured profiles. We keep 8″x16′ and 12″x16′ Smooth and Textured Siding as well as 8″ Colonial Beaded Smooth and Textured Siding.


Interior Doors

bluetarp stockbridge carrara doors atlanta Classique doors atlanta wood 15 light doors madison bluetarp atlanta interior doors atlanta louvered wood door atlanta lawrenceville bluetarp 5 panel door atlanta decatur bluetarp wood 9 lite interior door bluetarp loganville atlanta

Looking for the perfect replacement doors to complete the interior design of your home? We are now stocking 5 panel doors in several sizes that can be custom built into units in our door shop. Simple yet elegant, these 5 panel doors have an authentic “flat panel” design that can be seen in many historic homes. Originally, style and rail panel doors were used because the design minimized the effects of shrinking and swelling that occurred during seasonal moisture changes. Newer technology allows for construction of doors using hardboard “skins” on both sides of a frame, making the entire panel more stable. The materials are manufactured in such a way as to minimize movement due to seasonal moisture changes and lower production costs to bring you a more reasonably priced product.

Pre-Hung Interior Door Shop

Our door shop can pre-hang the doors into units for 2×4 walls or 2×6 walls. Custom trim, such as #356 colonial casing or #3 fancy casing from our extensive moulding selection can be added to either or both sides. Choose from a variety of hinge colors, such as bright brass, oil rubbed bronze or dull nickel.

Exterior Front Entry Doors

One of the best ways to improve the value of your home is to use exterior replacement doors to upgrade your entry way. You can use these beautiful “EcoStar” hybrid Mahogany exterior replacement doors that are specifically handcrafted for the Atlanta market. Permanently bonding a natural mahogany veneer to both sides of a fiberglass door gives you the elegant appearance and warmth of mahogany and the durability, stability and energy efficiency of a fiberglass door. To complete the picture, mahogany jambs and brick mould are added, increasing curb appeal and making your home the envy of your neighbors. This remodeling project is perfect for Atlanta, beautifying your home, increasing your home’s value and lowering power bills.

Exterior replacement doors with sidelights especially for the Atlanta area

These mahogany/fiberglass exterior replacement doors are built into units that are designed to replace plain and unappealing 10″x36″x10″ entry door systems without having to change the existing rough openings. These beautiful and elegant doors are available in several different styles:

rosedale exterior replacement doors wrought iron light exterior replacement doors craftsman style exterior replacement doors leaded glass exterior replacement doors kingsville

Unit Sizes for Exterior Replacement Doors

These pre-hung, ready to install exterior replacement doors with 10″ sidelights come in three unit sizes:
10″x36″x10″ x 6’8″ doors with sidelites – Rough opening 60-1/2″ x 81-5/8″
10″x36″x10″ x 6′ 8″ doors with sidelites and 10″ transom – Rough opening 60-1/2″ x 93-1/4″
10″x36″x10″ x 8′ 0″ doors with sidelites Rough opening 60-1/2″ x 97-5/8″

Exterior Replacement Doors Can Make Your Home the Highlight of Your Neighborhood

before atlanta dunwoody decatur mcdonough stockbridge duluth after exterior replacement doors atlanta dunwoody decatur mcdonough stockbridge duluth


Vinyl Windows

If you’re looking for more value and a greater look in vinyl replacement windows, then look no further than the Precedence Vinyl Window by YKK.
YKK has simplified the replacement window by including the standard features that home owners look for.

Features & Benefits

Constant force stainless steel balance is corrosion resistant and never needs adjustment, making your vinyl windows low maintenance.
Vinyl YKK Energy Saving Replacement Window Neat Glass Georgia Loganville Athens Gainesville Lawrenceville GA Snellville Atlanta
Neat glass coating makes window EXTERIORS easier to clean. Cleaning the outside of your windows has never been so easy as it is with YKK’s Precedence Vinyl Windows
YKK provides continuous interlock, a window feature that gives you structural, consistent integrity in your home.
The contour integral lift rail makes opening your Precedence Vinyl windows easy, every time.
Fusion-welded PVC frame and sash provides structural integrity and energy efficiency.

YKK Energy Saving Windows U Factor Vinyl Precedence Replacement Snellville Athens Lawrenceville GA Gainesville McDonough Atlanta Georgia

***Sustainable Green Building Product***
YKK AP America Achieves Green Approved Certification from
National Association of Home Builders

Wood Windows & Replacement Sash

You can save energy and increase your home’s curb appeal by replacing wood window sash with wood replacement window sash kits or vinyl replacement windows. You can buy these kits to replace almost any double-hung wood window in the Atlanta Athens Georgia area.
Double Hung Windows Atlanta Lawrenceville Athens Suwanee Buford Loganville Duluth Hoschton Roswell Dacula Lilburn Alpharetta Georgia Monroe Norcross GA
It’s a simple matter of taking out the old sash and balances, and installing new insulated wood window sash in your existing window frames. Kits contain a pair of wood or vinyl insulated wood window sash, balances for each side, and a lock. This is a great home improvement or remodeling project that will save you money in the long run and beautify your home. Use a tape measure to find the width between the side jambs, and from the head to the sill. We can determine the correct sash kit for each window. We can also recommend professional remodelers to install the sash for you.


Wood Moulding

Adding a finishing touch to a room, door or window is easy with decorative mouldings. Mouldings (or moldings) are generally long pieces of materials that have a decorative cross-section profile. The profiles are combinations of planes, angles, concave and convex surfaces. Mouldings can be made from wood, medium density fiberboard (MDF), composite lumber, plastic, rigid foam, plaster and even stone. Mouldings made from wood and wood fibers are the most readily available and least expensive. The lumber can come from softwood trees, such as pine and fir, or from hardwood trees such as maple, cherry and walnut. Hardwood mouldings are more expensive and are usually reserved for cabinetry and furniture and are generally stained rather than painted. The least expensive wood mouldings are made from MDF, wood fibers that have been combined with resins under pressure to form a material that can be shaped. MDF mouldings should not be used where there might be problems with moisture, such as a basement floor or in a bathroom. An excellent, inexpensive alternative to MDF is “fingerjointed” wood, short pieces that have been milled on the end with a profile that looks like interlaced fingers and glued together, then passed through a moulding machine to mill the finished profile. These joints can be seen if stained, so fingerjointed mouldings are usually painted.

Mouldings can serve multiple purposes. The primary use is to make a smooth, visually pleasing transition where surfaces of different angles or materials meet. Mouldings are decorative and can add beauty to a room, door, window or mantle. They can also be used to cover or hide imperfections, and to protect softer surfaces.

While there are thousands of profiles available, mouldings can be classified into just a few groups based on where they are primarily used in a room: ceilings, walls, floors, doors and windows. Ceiling mouldings are generally used at the top of a wall, where the ceiling and wall meet. The most common mouldings used here are the crown mouldings. There are hundreds of patterns of crown, and the combinations that can be used are virtually limitless. Baseboard and aprons can be used behind the top and bottom of a crown mold to extend its coverage and to make it look more massive. Crowns can be “built up” from two or more separate patterns, and other types of moulding can be added for different effects. Chair rails are used on the wall, at about the height of the top of a chair back. Although chair rails may be used for decoration, they actually get their name from protecting walls from damage caused by chairs being slid back. Chair rails can also be used to give a finished look to wainscoting, paneling that covers the bottom three to four feet of a wall. Picture moulding is typically used near the top of a wall, and got its name from when people used to hang pictures from it using picture wire and hooks. This was the best way to hang pictures in older homes with plaster walls, where it was impractical to use nails. Window and door mouldings such as casings are typically used to frame opening around windows and doors. You will usually find base mouldings at the “base” of a wall where it meets the floor. Base caps sit on top of a piece of square board, and gives the combination a more finished look. Shoe mold is used where the floor and base board meet, providing protection for the base board and covering any gaps between the base board and floor.

PVC Moulding

Rotting crown mould on the exterior of your home can be a real problem in the Atlanta-Athens GA area. Moisture can get trapped behind wood crown mouldings, creating an ideal environment for mold and bacteria in the wood. PVC mouldings will not rot or decompose, and can restore the beauty and curb appeal of your home.
PVC Bed Mould Atlanta

Whenever you have a need for lumber and building materials such as plywood, siding, doors, windows and mouldings for construction, renovation and remodeling projects in the Atlanta area, think of Cofer/Adams.

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