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KDAT Pressure Treated Kiln-Dried Southern Pine Porch Flooring

Manufacturer: Great Southern
KDAT Pressure Treated Kiln-Dried Southern Pine Porch Flooring

Instructions for using YellaWood® Brand Pressure Treated Kiln Dried Southern Pine Porch Flooring

This product is very sensitive to the environment. It should be installed by a very competent, professional pine flooring installer only! Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc. (Great Southern) will not be responsible for labor claims of any kind on this product.

On occasion an individual will want an “interior grade” finish to this product. This product IS NOT manufactured for interior use, however, it can be sanded by a professional flooring installer to obtain a higher finish grade appearance. Always wear a dust mask when sanding this or any other wood product.

Great Southern’s flooring has been Kiln Dried After Treatment and should be kept totally dry before and during installation.

This flooring will swell and expand in width if allowed to get wet before being put into service. It will shrink back to its original size as it dries. If it is installed in a swollen, wet condition this shrinkage will leave a space between the pieces.

It is recommended that the flooring be primed on ALL sides with a good porch oil base primer BEFORE being put into service. After material has been installed by a professional flooring installer, apply a second coat of oil base porch enamel. Under NO circumstances should this material be allowed to get wet from blowing rain or any other source before applying an oil base paint. Material will swell and pull away from the joist if allowed to get wet before painting. Do not use any coating other than an oil base! Do not use a water base!

Do not face nail this product!

Use only under covered porches. Do not use in areas that are exposed to the elements.

To allow for a small amount of swelling, try to leave a space between each piece about the thickness of a piece of paper or a dollar bill. This small area will be filled when painted.

Great Southern can only be responsible for claims involving rot, fungal decay or termite attack in accordance with the YellaWood® Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please be advised that claims of any other nature are not the responsibility of Great Southern Wood Preserving, Inc.

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